Us senate session on surveillance: patriot act expires

A few hours before the deadline for the controversial spying program expires, the US Senate convenes for a special session.

US Senator Rand Paul wants to prevent the extension of the Patrot Act. And he wants to be president, too. (Archive photo) Photo: ap

A few hours before the deadline for the controversial spy programs, the U.S. Senate is struggling to find a solution for the future surveillance work of the intelligence agency NSA. Senators will convene for a special session on Sunday afternoon (10 p.m. German time). The authority to collect telephone data en masse – the so-called Patriot Act – expires at midnight local time.

Consumer protection at airlines: arbitrator for aggrieved passengers

Airlines want to set up a joint complaints office. A law obligates airlines to provide out-of-court arbitration.

When waiting, the hard case pays off. Image: imago/blickwinkel

It is one of many cases that made headlines. Only with a delay of almost 36 hours could 260 travelers who spent their winter vacation in Cuba take off back home to Frankfurt. The vacation airline Condor justified this with the defect of the machine. After a long wait at the airport, the guests finally had to spend the night in hotels

U.s. Secretary of state pompeo in israel: creating facts before biden does

Setting the course while Trump is still in office: Mike Pompeo was the first U.S. secretary to visit a settlement in the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

Protest against Pompeo’s visit: Palestinian demonstrators near Psagot on Thursday Photo: Majdi Mohammed/ap

The view must have pleased U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo when he paid a visit to the Psagot estate on Thursday as part of his multi-day trip to Israel. From the garden, the view falls on picturesque hills under a light blue sky. The piquant fact is that the winery and the hills that stretch behind the villa are in the Palestinian territories. Pompeo is the first high-ranking U.S. politician to have officially visited a settlement in the occupied territories.

U.s. Financial institution jpmorgan: woman is tops

The ailing major U.S. bank JPMorgan continues to work on a new start. Marianne Lake is the first woman to hold the post of chief financial officer.

A woman will soon be watching over the finances of the largest US bank. Picture: reuters

A woman watches over the finances at the largest U.S. bank JPMorgan Chase in the future. Marianne Lake will take over as chief financial officer early next year, the institution said on Monday. She will thus become one of the most powerful women within the bank and on Wall Street in general.

Dealing with ngo critical of the army in israel: muzzling in schools

The NGO "Breaking the Silence" is no longer allowed to hold school events. This is provided for in a law that has now been passed.

Palestinians protest against Jewish settlements near Hebron in June Photo: reuters

The Israeli occupation critics of the group "Breaking the Silence" are henceforth no longer allowed to hold information events at schools. 43 members of the Knesset (parliament) voted on Monday night in second and third readings in favor of the "Breaking the Silence Law," which aims to deprive organizations critical of the army of a central stage. 24 opposition politicians positioned themselves against it.

Us democratic tv debate: “this is america”.

In the third U.S. Democratic TV debate, Joe Biden remains the favorite among the presidential candidates. But the biggest applause goes to someone else.

Biden (r.) caused a stir in the summer with a series of verbal slips Photo: rtr

Why Joe Biden still leads the Democratic field of candidates – albeit with dwindling popularity – is a mystery. At his party’s third presidential debate Thursday night in Houston, Biden has more speaking time than all nine others. But he remains strangely vague and contourless. Biden is rambling. He jibes. He only gives clear answers in exceptional cases.

Trump suspends corona press briefings: always the bad media!

The US president complains that the media ask hostile questions and then bring fake news. Now, for the first time, there was no Corona press briefing.

Saturday April 25: Trump’s press briefing at the White House Photo: Erin Scott/reuters

Two days after U.S. President Donald Trump caused horror with his idea to inject Corona-infected people with disinfectants, he wants to end his previously daily press conferences on the Corona pandemic. On Saturday, for the first time in weeks, no such briefing took place.

Study on the film industry: sexist and poorly paid

The Left Party presents a study on the social situation of film and television professionals in Berlin and Brandenburg. They see a great need for action.

Hollywood also shoots here: "Berliner Strabe" in Babelsberg Photo: reuters

On the outside, everything looks rosy. The media industry in Berlin and Brandenburg is considered to have a promising future. Those who work here are usually promised autonomy, flexibility and creativity. But what does it look like – in the truest sense of the word – behind the scenes?

Petition against eu copyright reform: 4.7 million signatures for barley

The planned EU copyright reform is under criticism, particularly because of Articles . Opponents have now submitted a petition to the Ministry of Justice.

Should pay levies to publishers: Google – among others Photo: dpa

The compromise in Brussels on Europe-wide copyright provokes the protest of numerous net activists. Supporters of the campaign to "Save the Internet" presented Justice Minister Katarina Barley (SPD) with a petition in Berlin on Monday. Among other things, they criticize so-called upload filters. Such software allows platforms such as YouTube to check whether images, videos or music are protected by copyright as soon as they are uploaded. The co-initiators of the "Stop the Censorship Machine – Save the Internet" campaign Dominic Kis and Pascal Fouquet presented Barley with a stick containing reportedly more than 4.7 million signatures, including around 1.3 million from Germany.